From Old World Cobble® ...Produced right in Swansea, MA.

OWC Sawbacks

Old World Cobble® has been seeking to innovate and change the hardscape/landscape business utilizing cobblestone and other stone products. We adopted the tag line "We are more than just cobblestone" several years ago. We have set forth to prove that with the development of our new "Sawbacks" line. Old World Cobble® has set out to make cobblestone easier to work with and install. More practical providing installers with serious dollar savings. While we are a wholesale distribution company, we are aware of the needs of the dealers clients and have tried to foresee and solve many of the problems involved with working with cobblestone. Cobblestone pavers which lay like bricks or pattern stock, but with the rugged appearance of raw natural stone. Cobblestone that may be applied vertically as granite full bed veneer, like regular bricks, or granite thin veneer as well; flats and pre-cut corners. Garden wall stone which stacks far more evenly with straight, even backs for the garden side...yet rocky and natural face sides. All of these items produced at our facility at 6 Colletti Lane, Swansea, MA. Look over our website further or call us at (877) 999-8700 for further information.

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Old World Cobble® recommends using UMACO XBIS sysytem for installing our "Sawback" thin veneer.